Sciatic Pain.

I am an active man of 38. Since 2007 I have had sciatic nerve pain on my left side. It was so bad that I could not stand up in the shower in the morning. I had great difficulty putting on my clothes. I could not pick up things on the floor. I had tried epidural injections, acupuncture and physical therapy. I had some success but my pain always returned. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and he told me to come to Dr. Campbell’s office. The surgeon said “if he cannot fix you, no one can.”

The first time I saw Dr. Campbell my pain went away.


Debilitating Low Back Pain.

As a man in my mid 50’s, a former competitive swimmer and a recreational athlete, I have tried to remain active and in relatively good shape. I learned how to manage my debilitating lower back pain which first surfaced while in college, however, there have still been times when my back pain has hindered my ability to get around and perform even routine activities. Doctors told me over 30 years ago that I could only fix my problems with surgery.

This past March I hurt my back working outdoors in the yard. With sharp persistent pain and a stooped posture, it hurt to walk; even to get out of bed. I was also haunted by the fact that I was scheduled to fly out west for a business trip within a week. Desperate for relief, I was still unwilling to entertain any surgical thoughts. Peer and family pressure (not to mention the sheer pain) finally drove me to seek alternative therapy. I have always been skeptical of chiropractic help but decided to look for back doctors in my neighborhood.

Dr. Campbell’s close location and Gonstead method caught my attention. My relatively blind choice was life-changing. Dr. Campbell’s vast experience, knowledge and sincere interest in my overall health combined with his unique approach and patient involvement has been unmatched. He has helped educate me about my individual back issues, taught me how to help myself in between treatments and now I am able to resume an active enjoyable lifestyle.

I have Dr. Campbell to thank.


Lower Back Pain.

I have been having lower back pain for several years. It became severe earlier this year, (2009) making it difficult to sit for any extended period of time (either at a desk or in a car).

In a casual conversation with a good friend, I mentioned my problem. She confided that she had been having similar chronic back pain and that she found a chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Campbell, who has been able to relieve her back pain and improve her quality of life dramatically. After seeing Dr. Campbell for just two months I was recently able to attend a two-week Spanish immersion program in Madrid. This required two international flights and ten days of 5-6 hours of classes. I was able to sit through all of this PAIN FREE!

Any doubts I may have originally had regarding chiropractic services are gone forever.”

“I would highly recommend
Dr. Campbell to anyone with
a similar history of back pain!



I have been having lower back pain for 8 years.

An orthopedist/orthopedic surgeon told me that I had a herniated disk between L3 L4 and a degenerated disc after an MRI.

So after 8 years of suffering I was recommended to Dr. Thomas Campbell who was treating a close friend who said that he too had lower back problems. Dr. Campbell had already helped him a lot with his treatment.

A little skeptical about the whole thing, I decided that I had nothing to loose so I made an appointment to see Dr. Campbell. He diagnosed my situation and put a plan of rehabilitation in action. He said that it could take 3 months to one year, depending on my efforts to heal and follow his routine.

To my AMAZEMENT, this weekend I was able to go jogging and run for six miles in an hour, which was a thrill especially after feeling no pain the next day. Dr Campbell has given me my life back to do the things I love to do, like jogging, playing baseball and basketball with my friends and kids, which soon I will be putting to the test.”

In other words, I feel great again!
Thank you Dr. Campbell.


Extreme Pain!

When I first started treatment with Dr. Campbell I was in extreme pain. I could not bend over, carry anything more than a light briefcase, and sadly, could not pick up my 8-year old daughter. I had resigned myself to living with the pain and the inability to function effectively. Within a few visits, I began to feel better and the pain decreased dramatically in a matter of months. I can now function effectively and can pick up my daughter without a worry. I was also able to take a trip to Ireland which included strenuous walks totaling over 100 miles during the vacation.”

Dr. Campbell has changed my life!


2 Herniated Discs.

I injured my lower back ten years ago and have endured severe pain in that region on several occasions. An MRI revealed two herniated discs. I serve in the U.S. Army on active duty as helicopter mechanic and flight crew so my usual days are physically active. A few weeks ago I went bowling and the next day my lower back was in extreme pain. The military doctors only give pain pills and suggest rest for injury. Dr. Campbell adjusted me 3 times a week for a few weeks and now once every 2 weeks. My back is now pain free and I have returned to my normal physical exercising and strenuous activities.

Bill M.