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Alexa Donnelly Avatar
Alexa D.
I was unable to sit and could barely walk when I first started seeing Dr. Campbell. After one appointment he was able to relieve a majority of my pain. After a week I am able to do everything I normally do with little to no pain. He is quick and efficient and makes sure you’re comfortable the entire time. Highly, highly recommend!
Jacob Angelbo Christensen Avatar
Jacob A.
Dr. Campbell currently providing great therapy reversing my advanced degenerative spine
Stephen Kretz Avatar
Stephen K.
Dr Campbell is awesome! I was referred by a friend that swore by him and I totally understand why. Dr Campbell takes the time to understand your issues and then comes up with a comprehensive plan to address those issues. He takes the time each time to address your current situation to maximize relief. I have been to several chiropractic clinics over the years that just get you in and adjust you real quick and send you on your way with no real progress. Dr Campbell does the opposite he treats the individual every time with lasting results. -Stephen K, USMC (Ret)
Jalalah Abdullah Avatar
Jalalah A.
I had been struggling with persistent knee pain for months, and despite multiple attempts at physical therapy, I was seeing no improvement and did not want to get surgery on my knees as the final option. It was then that someone recommended Dr. C to me as an alternative solution. Just after a few sessions, I experienced remarkable improvement and was back to playing soccer without any issues. Since then, I have continued to visit Dr. C regularly, and their chiropractic care has been instrumental in maintaining my well-being. I can't recommend them enough to anyone seeking effective chiropractic solutions.
Lawrence Johnson Avatar
Lawrence J.
Within a couple sessions I had gotten great pain relief-far better than many physical therapy sessions to where the therapist could help me no more. Over decades I’ve gone to 5 different chiropractors in various states-Dr. Campbell rates as 1 of my top 2.
John Kautz Avatar
John K.
Simply stated, Dr. Campbell is the Best of the Best! He is not only a gifted and talented healer; he is an excellent listener and teacher. Dr. Campbell possesses a unique skill set - an approach and technique used by only a select group of doctors in his field. Not to worry, Dr. Campbell definitely has the patient's best interest in mind. The time, care, and demonstrated concern he showed to me during my chiropractic treatments resulted in significant quality of life improvement. I have the highest regard and respect for Dr. Campbell. Many thanks Doc for being there when I most needed medical attention.
Gunay Mammadova Avatar
Gunay M.
I had never been to a Chiropractor before. What an experience. I feel much healthier and happier since I work with Dr. Campbell. He is an excellent doctor with outstanding healing energy. He listens and treats you based on your needs. He’s very sensitive, gentle, and has an amazing bed side manners. I truly see the benefits on my overall health after my weekly adjustment. I can’t recommend him enough.
Luis Chirinos Avatar
Luis C.
My name is Ruth Jota I've been suffering from back pain for many years. I went to a chiropractor two years ago ,for three months I felt no improvement ,A friend referred me to Dr.Campbell. I couldn't believe it the first two weeks the pain decreased I was able to do work, and even sleep with decreased pain. Thanks to Dr Campbell he has been a blessing.
Michelle Rathel Avatar
Michelle R.
I’ve had mobility issues, loss of use of right hand and lower back spasms due to a bad fall over 10 years ago. Dr Campbell, in a short time, has already been able to start alleviating many of my physical challenges, which didn’t happen to this extent with former Gonstead treatments for over 8 years. First time in many years with NO back spasms and my mobility is already improving. Dr Campbell is definitely the best chiropractor ever and highly recommended!!!
dany giron Avatar
dany g.
Dr. Campbell is by far the best chiropractor I have been to. I really wish I had met him when my back problems started. I went to The Joint Chiropractor and never saw/felt any results. Instead every time I went there my body would feel stressed out after the adjustment. Dr. Campbell Actually listens to you and works on what needs to be adjusted. The joint would have me out in 5 minutes without asking if it’s improving. My back has improved a lot and I feel way more comfortable with my back now. . I am so glad I found Dr. Campbell.
Christopher Murray Avatar
Christopher M.
Continuing back issues that Dr Campbell has been able to clear up. Highly recommended!
Nicole Tourot Avatar
Nicole T.
I called Dr. Campbell after being released from the ER on major pain medication and practically unable to move the right side of my upperbody. I was informed at the ER that I have multiple bulged and herniated disc's, the ER referred me to a neurosurgeon for surgery the following week. After I was released from the ER, I chose to see a Chiropractor before having back surgery. I seached the area for a Gonstead Chiropractor and I am so glad that I found Doctor Campbell. In just a 3 appointments with him, I was able to regain mobility and strength in my right side. After just the first visit the pain dissipated to a manageable level without the prescribed narcotics from the ER. I can not recommend Dr. Campbell enough! He is extremely knowledgeable and I am sure that he has saved me from have to undergo back surgery!